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A "Taste of The Hills" is something that we say because our teas are hand-picked in the hill sides of Bordeaux on St. Thomas and the meadow like landscapes of St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, where herbs are more concentrated than cultivated ones and are then dried naturally by the equatorial sun and the Caribbean trade winds. Where we bag and package them for you to "Taste the Hills".

Soursop recently gained national attention for its ability to actually find and kill cancer cells without touching any healthy cells in the body.  Studies show that Soursop has an ingredient that is 10,000 times stronger than the chemotherapy in the fight against cancer and to not neglect its capability to treat gout.

Soursop contains Iron, Potassium, Calcium, and Gentilic
Acid. It is highly nutritional and One fruit provides 218% RDA for Vitamin A.

Indigenous Uses: Centuries prior to this the recent Cancer phenomena,
Caribbean people drank Sleepy Sour Sop Tea to treat kidneys, gall bladders and
skin disorders, among other things. Commonly, It was drank to relieve
exhaustion and to induce relaxation for a good night's rest.  A very safe tea,
Mothers gave it to babies for teething pain and fever and of course to put them
soundly to bed.

15 Tea Bags ( Unbleached Made from Banana Leaf)

No Blends / No Additives / No Fillers... Just Tea™️


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